Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reviews of HDTVs, Flash Drives, Netbooks, Kindle, Sony Reader, Canon A540, and Verizon DSL tech support

Review of LG HDTV 42LD450
This LG HDTV review will help you understand the positives and negatives of the 42LD450 from a consumer that owns one.
By Ranee Wright | Published 4/28/2010

Best Low Cost 3D Televisions
The best low cost 3D televisions based on price, picture and sound quality. HDTV is the new cutting-edge technology with HDMI and is still quite pricey.
By Ranee Wright | Published 4/20/2010

Best Video Game Systems & Games for Family
The best family video game systems offer games for the whole family. The Nintendo Wii family of games beats Xbox and PS3 in this genre.
By Ranee Wright | Published 4/19/2010

Best USB Flash Drives on the Market
USB flash drives are great for storing large amounts of pictures, music, documents and videos. These top USB flash drives are from established name brands that make transporting or transferring data easier than ever.
By Ranee Wright | Published 4/15/2010

Kindle's Best Features and Cost Vs. Sony Reader EBook
Find out what the best features of the Kindle eBook in comparison to Sony Reader. Compare the cost of each digital eBook and which product is more bang for your buck.
By Ranee Wright | Published 1/20/2010

Asus Eee Netbook Power Cord Solution
Researching various technology forums revealed the Eee PC 900HD power cord problem to be a widespread problem. It also led me to try this strange SOLUTION: You are going to laugh and I offer my theory on why this works!
By Ranee Wright | Published 12/29/2009

Review of Canon PowerShot A540 Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera
The Canon PowerShot A540 6 MP digital camera with 4x optical zoom lens provides great picture quality and combines 20 creative shooting modes, flexibility and ease of use. Ideal for beginners who want to point-and-shoot or photographers.
By Ranee Wright | Published 12/17/2009

Review of Verizon DSL Technical Support
Outsourcing not a positive for Verizon. CSR from India
By Ranee Wright | Published 10/9/2009